My children, what you have settled on in your mind and believe, is your reality. Romans 14:14 (AMP) “14 I know and am convinced (persuaded) as one in the Lord …Read the Rest

Will your eyes be on the messenger or the message I have sent to you? Luke 4:24 (AMP) “24 Then He said, Solemnly I say to you, no prophet is …Read the Rest

Putting clothes on your body covers up your flesh, and the flesh can’t be seen. Romans 13:14 (AMP) “14 But clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah), and …Read the Rest

My children, whatever does not originate and proceed from faith is sin. Romans 14:23 (AMP) “23 But the man who has doubts (misgivings, an uneasy conscience) about eating, and then …Read the Rest

Entertain in your mind what you see, and you will do accordingly to your opinion. 1Samuel 13:11-12 (AMP) “11 Samuel said, What have you done? Saul said, Because I saw …Read the Rest

If you have received My Jesus as Lord, then you are filled with good. Romans 7:21-22 (AMP) “21 So I find it to be a law (rule of action of …Read the Rest

My kingdom is your kingdom. Luke 6:20 (AMP) “20 And solemnly lifting up His eyes on His disciples, He said: Blessed (happy—with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, …Read the Rest

Imitate Me, your Father, and you will experience a life led by Me. Luke 6:36 (AMP) “36 So be merciful (sympathetic, tender, responsive, and compassionate) even as your Father is …Read the Rest

My children, hope released from your mouth will always bring strength in every area of your life. Romans 15:4 (AMP) “4 For whatever was thus written in former days was …Read the Rest

My children, pursue Me with your whole heart. 1 Samuel 12:24 (AMP) “24 Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; for consider how great are …Read the Rest

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