Recently our founder, Walter Waller was asked about accuracy in prophetic ministry. We will share with you here his insights:


I have been ask this question many times . I believe the key to accuracy and going deep is an  intimate relationship with the Father . To have intimacy you must believe and trust the person you are entering into this closeness with . To know the Father we always start with His Word and build this trust based on what He is saying and what He is doing . Not on what people have said or are saying about Him .

1 John 4:8-10 tells us that God is Love and that He first loved us and gave His Son that we through Him {JESUS} would be saved, not of our own doing but all through Jesus , totally submitted , willfully surrendered heart  obeying His Father .  Also John 3:16 confirms and also says because we believe in Him we cant perish . These sciptures build trust !

Romans 8:31 says if God “our Father” be for us who can be against us ! Genesis 28:15 says the Father will watch over us and do all He has spoken over us, He will not stop until He has completed His word .

Through the intimacy of believing our Father we will be full, John 12:34 says …..for out of the fullness , the overflow , the superabundance of the heart the mouth speeks . Because the Holy Spirit of the Father lives in us we release His heart and He will give  us the unction to release with our mouths His heart of mercy and compassion through prophetic utterances .

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing what is told , and what is heard comes by the preaching of the message that came from the lips of Christ, the Messiah Himself .

I”ll leave you with this , Romans 12:5-21 has much to say about being balanced in our walk and also prophetically . We , who are born again , are all part of one big body and have diverse gifts given by our Father , if prophesy than prophesy according to your faith “the level of intimacy you have with the Father”, give yourself fully with no reservations . let your Love be sincere if it is you will hate evil . Love one another with a fervent Love and never lag in zeal and in earnest endever . Be aglow and burning with the Holy Spirit, serving the Lord with gladness. Forgve and Bless your enemies ! Forgive and Bless your enemies ! FORGIVE AND BLESS YOUR ENEMIES !!!!!!!!  By this you will overcome evil and be the master over it because we choose to humble our selves . True intimacy only comes by choosing humility and now you see the truth that takes us deeper than we have ever gone before . There is no end to intimacy thus there is no end to how accurate and deep we can go with the Spirit of Prophesy . I am sure there are other factors as well but this is what I have recieved from my Daddy God.I love HIM so and through Jesus this has been made possible. He is so FINE !!!!!

I”ll always Love YOU,

Walter Waller

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