A release from the Fathers Heart for 2011: The Wine of My Presence

On December 16th of 2010 I was ministering at our home Church, The Filling Station, in Belton Missouri. Because we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, our meetings are never the same.  While I was ministering I was caught up in a vision that set me in a garden setting with Jesus. Jesus and I were standing in front of an old stone cellar that had steps going down 5 steps to an old heavy wood door. As we step down to the door it was covered with a blanket of cobwebs. Jesus took His hand and pulled the cobwebs out of the way and I knew no one had been there for a very long time. The door has massive hinges and an old lock like you would see on an old jail door and Jesus pulled out His key the Father gave Him and unlocked the door.

The anticipation Jesus was feeling at this point was incredible and he was allowing me to feel His total excitement. This was truly a point in history, His-story, that would change the face of Christianity as we have known it forever. As Jesus unlocked the heavy door He swung it open and we stepped down another set of steps to another door as heavy as the first one. Jesus shown as the light of a 5000 watt lantern and I could see the second door did not have a lock on it. As He opened the second door I could see wine bottles in racks, floor to ceiling and as far as the eye could see. His light increased and I could not see the end of the cellar; it was endless. Jesus stepped up to a rack and pulled a bottle of wine out and wiped the dust off. It had no label and a cork that stuck out of the bottle 4 to 5 inches. The excitement I could feel coming from Him was so electrifying. I felt like I was in line for the worlds largest rollercoaster and I was going to be put in the front seat. I couldn’t keep from crying with joy and excitement and I knew He felt the same way. His face was so alive with joy. As I looked at Jesus He said to me, “I have waited so long to come here. My Father put this here the day I was crucified and only He had the key and only He would allow its release.” With that, He pulled the cork out and I heard a great pop. It was as if the bottle was a 4 inch fireman’s hose and it released everywhere we were standing and we were totally covered in burgundy head to toe. Jesus’ robes were perfectly white but became deep burgundy, as I, every inch was covered.

Jesus said “This is the Wine of My Presence. Over the next 5 years this will cause all men to come unto Me. Who is all? Those who have an ear to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying in their heart and will give up self control of their lives. Those who don’t know me as their savior will be able to hear Me and will have an opportunity. I have waited for this year for a very long time knowing that when it came there would be an increased release of My Presence. This release will cause The Fathers Heart to compel them to trust and long for the ultimate relationship they have missed, which is a devoted Father who longs for His cherished child. This release for the unsaved will compel them to come to Me with their broken heart. Only the Fathers Heart can release the unconditional love that brings the children’s hearts back to the Fathers and the father’s hearts back to the children. For My children who are saved and who truly surrender all; an intimacy beyond all they have ever known is available.”

In 2011 it is going to get tougher than we can fathom. The tensions in the world will escalate and the United States is being tested on every front. Our actions and lack of character, Christian or not, are the reason we are where we are today. Anytime a country or a nation chooses to live for self preservation instead of helping their fellow man first, they will reap the fruit of that action, which was their choice. Christians, stop blaming the devil! The scriptures make it clear what we are to do and where we are to stand and being self focused is the opposite of what they reveal. For many years the church has been teaching a mixture of law and grace, telling us it was grace and the New Testament church, but the fruit of this lie is self centered, self focused and selfish Christians. Doesn’t the Bible say that you will know a tree by its fruit, and every tree produces after its own kind? I am not against the church but I am against teaching the scriptures in a way that helps control the people and manage them for the purpose of keeping the ministry machine running. We have not been called to keep the ministry machine running indefinitely.

I am not naïve, I know that finances are needed to preach the gospel, but if God has not built your ministry it is your work and it will not be His work. If it is your work then when the Father tells you to make a sharp right turn you will have to overcome a strong feeling of not wanting to risk your reputation or your billfold. It is the Fathers ministry the Fathers reputation the Fathers billfold. God builds we obey not the other way around. This example is from the scriptures; Jesus said He did not come with His own agenda but to do His Fathers will. In another place He said I do what I see the Father do and I say what I hear the Father say. This is as simple as can be and it is the Father’s heart desire.

Your ministry is not your relationship with Him. Your ministry is the fruit of your relationship with Him!

As our focus is kept on us sitting on our Fathers lap and loving Him intimately then the heart can begin to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirits. In Colossians chapter 3:1-2 (Amplified) it speaks of “seek what is above and keep your mind set on them”. The New Testament church is built on Mathew 22:37-40: love the Father with all you are and love your neighbor as yourself with all your heart.

Prophet Walter Waller

A father in the prophetic

Heartland Prophetic Council

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