We believe that Family is meant to be the strongest bond in the world.  Many people and organizations have created their version of what family means, but they are all lacking if not birthed by and originate from the heart of our Father God.  When we are born again we become part of Gods family.  We are encouraged from the Word of God to align ourselves with all the Father says and has done.  He tells us to renew our minds with His Word, and to love with the love He has put in our hearts by the Holy Spirit coming to live in us.  The Father built a covenant that no man could undo that would forever give us access to Him, even if we broke the covenant. We believe Family is a committed life style that comes from our heart commitment to please our Father God.  The way of Love is spelled out in Christ example which is death to self life.  We are to  live our life for our Father God, then we truly live a life empowered.  We are called to follow Christ’s example as our way of life, Family Life.m The Father has called HPC to establish in the hearts of His people what real family looks like, and what it does not look like.  To live out how real family loves and lives.  This is one of our mandates from the Father.  We have constructed a ministry model based on what the Father has said He wanted:  A model that equips each believer with the Word of God’s view of functional family.  With this model we leave behind our broken lives that have dictated our life’s reactions that cause broken relationships and self protection walls.  These walls are reinforced by demonic influences because of our lack of commitment to the Word of God, and speaking in agreement with the hurt instead of the Word of God.  This gives life to selfish beliefs that have led us into having the fruit of the world instead the fruit of the Spirit.  We learn how to forgive, release, and bless, which brings righteous empowerment to live lives of intimacy and joy.  We must get cleaned up, but simple repentance does not break us free of alliances we have legally made by our previous actions.  We must experience a legal severing from these demonic influences that we have made unknowingly in our past.  Heart cleansing is a way to do this, and then we regain our innocence, and can become childlike again, living hope filled lives experiencing faith’s empowerment to love.  This model is reinforced by Mentoring and  Discipleship of the Family.  Equipping and Impartation stirs up your faith, and you are able to share Christ through Loving by serving others. When you live it before them, they want what you have.  We believe this is what our Father wants us to do and we know you want what He has for you.  As we come along with the Fathers plan we will release His heart everywhere we go.  Come and go with us as family together and enjoy all the Father has for us as His children.

To sign up, visit the “Sign Up To Become A Family Partner Page“.

Walter Waller

Lead Father

Heartland Prophetic Council

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