Walter is the founder and President of Heartland Prophetic Council.

Walter  is considered one of the highly esteemed fathers in the prophetic. Considered a Nabe’ prophet, the prophetic word of God bubbles up and out of him very freely.

Walter began his walk as a young boy.  His walk began one night at a country revival when an Evangelist called all the children to the front where they could see.  The Evangelist explained that just as the adults had had their chance to walk with God, so was God going to give it to the children, and prove to them who He was.  That night Walter gave his heart to the Lord.   In the weeks that followed God showed Walter miracle after miracle every night.  Walter knew that God was with him.

Over the next few years as Walter grew into his teens, the enemy, knowing the high calling on young Walter’s life, began to tell him lies that he was all alone.  Walter became an introvert and talked to very few people.  He could not even look people in the eye without wetting his pants, but God was about to change all of that!  At 15 he had an encounter with God at a youth meeting.  It was the first time he was slain in the spirit, and as he was laying in the floor, God called him into ministry, and showed him visions of three scenes that would take place in his life.  Two of those scenes have already taken place.  He still awaits the third. This encounter was so significant and life changing that the next day at school he was called aside by his teacher at the end of the 3rd hour.  She and the other teachers had noticed the dramatic change in Walter.  He had changed from the total introvert who wouldn’t speak to anyone, or look anyone in the eye, to a total extrovert, smiling and talking to everyone.  They concluded that no one could do that unless they had taken some kind of drugs, and they wanted to help him.  He told her what happened, but was she didn’t believe him, and called his mom.  Walter continued to walk with the Lord in this new life changing freedom.

At the age of 33, Walter had another encounter with God.  Again the Lord altered his life in a new way.  This encounter left him hearing and talking to God just as he would talk to anyone.  His prophetic life began anew, and continues to this day!

Walter has lived in Missouri most of his life.  Thirteen years of that was in the Kansas City, Missouri area where he and his family lived and attended Metro Vinyard and Metro Christian Fellowship.  During that time he and his wife, Kathleen, prophetically ministered in many home groups and churches around the area.  They began their own home church called The Filling Station, ministering to approximately 45 people in their home every week. They focused on building God’s family, and it quickly became a great place to encounter God and receive life.  They love people and love enjoying our God that is in them.

Walter is now 52 years old.  He and his family now live in Stockton, Missouri.  For years his life has been loving people as a Father loves his family, and bringing people into maturity.   The Word of God has everything we need.  A Father’s function is to lay foundations to build upon and establish God’s plans in our lives, thus releasing the heart of the Father and awakening hunger.  If you desire this release and awakening, Walter has the heart and the anointing to take you by the hand, guided by the Father, to show you the way.

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