Pam became a Christian as a child. She was raised in a Christian home with great parents who loved God. After graduating high school Pam married and started a family. In the mid eighties Pam experienced a suddenly of God that set her faith in a new place and would change her life forever. A miracle in relationship.  She knew that she knew that she knew that the Father was still a miracle working God. Miracles still happen!

This created in Pam more of a hunger for the Father in her life. She began to look for the Father in new ways as never before.

At the heart of her teaching gift is a compassionate mother who instructs her children with love and a release of expectancy for a new tomorrow.

Pam has spent much of her life as a children’s pastor. She enjoyed how the Father partnered with her in giving her divine ideas, and how His presence was there to touch the hearts of the children. The Father gave her creative fun illustrations that brought the Word of God to life and easy to believe. This is where she was being taught how to hear the Fathers voice. Her prophetic gift was increasing.

The fruit in Pam’s life shows the tree it came from. Pam is love. Pam is a leaker of Gods presence, His Love, His Compassion, His forgiveness, and His Father and Mothers heart.

All of life creates and makes us, and Pam has learned to keep God as her focus in the midst of all the circumstances that we experience. She understands that we don’t understand and see all that the Father is using in our lives. God is at work in everything we are experiencing. Because of this, her teaching results in giving a new focus and expectancy to be delivered and healed, and new revelation to realign with His Word instead of our experiences.

As you receive from Pam you are receiving from the Father and you will be blessed.


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