Prophetic – We believe that we are a prophetic people, that all men may prophesy.  We encourage all men, and encourage the gift within each person.  We help identify who people are, the callings, the gifts,  anointings, and if so, the office that they stand in.   We help them to find in the Word who they are, and what they need to do in stepping up, and how they should live as a prophetic person in their giftings and callings that God has given them.


We believe that you have to serve each other, and that the top of the servants, what does that mean?  You’re to love unconditionally.  That doesn’t mean, I’ll love you as long as you do this, this, and this; it means I’m going to love you no matter what.   Your behavior is up to God to change, and I’ll obey the Lord, and stand in my part in that with you, whatever the Lord tells me to do.   We unconditionally love, we serve each other, we put the other first.   We believe in the New Testament church.  We believe  in the New Testament church they went from house to house, sharing their hearts with each other, inviting the Holy Spirit to come, sharing their food, sharing their money.  They did what it took.   We believe, as servants, we are to love unconditionally, and do this with each other.


That means we are a family.   We believe in family.   We believe we are brothers and sisters as the body of Christ says.  God says that  if you have received Christ as your personal savior, then you are My children.  If we’re children, we’re part of a family.  We truly do believe that family should act functionally, not dysfunctionally.  We do our best to serve each other in that, and we are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters;  holding the other up, and going the extra mile, whatever it takes.  We help bring people along in whatever we’re doing, and we help serve them in what they’re doing.  We take a lower place, that we may bring life to them, and help them to accomplish that that God has called them to do also.  We work as a family that is a team, and we put each other first.



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